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If you are a fan of Google or a YouTuber, etc., want to wear or use something with a Google logo or Name appearance, then you should know about Google Merch Store or Google Merchandise Store. Here at googlemerchandisestore.com, you can find a variety of products with Google’s brand name. These products can be found on the web or on the Google Campus in Mountain View.

What is Google Merch Store or Google Official Merchandise Store

Google has started an online store for its fans called Google Official Merchandise Store which split in two, with the US arm operated by Robertson Marketing and the rest of the world is serviced out of Manchester, the UK by Brand Addition.

Google’s Fan can find a huge variety of products with Google brand name or logo. The product quality is excellent. You can wear it or use its products as per your comfort.

The products are available on the web at googlemerhandisestore.com or within the campus of Google in Mountain View.

Which shopping categories does Google Merch Store Offers?

Google Merch Store or Merchandise store provides a large variety of products to its fan and Campus visitors. The full list of product categories that the Google Merchandise store offers is given below:





Eco Friendly
Fun and Games
Everything Else




Google Bike
Chrome Dino
Super G
Land & Sea
Pattern Play
Marine Layer
Kid Approved

Shop by Brand

Google Cloud
Google Maps


Campus Collection

Google Campus Tote
Google Campus Puzzle
Google Austin Campus Patch Set
Google New York Campus Patch Set
Google Chicago Campus Patch Set
Google Campus Sticker Sheet
Google Campus Unisex Tee
Google Campus Unisex Zip Hoodie
Google Cambridge Campus Lapel Pin
Much More…

How to signup/Login for Google Merchandise Store?

Before purchasing or shopping something from Google Official Merchandise Store you need to access the URL googlemerchandisestore.com and signup with Google Account Credential. Then after you will be able to buy Google’s stuff from the online store.

Google Merchandise Store Customer Care Number

If you have any queries regarding product shipment, Returns or Exchanges then you can contact us at 18553002945 (Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 8:00pm EST).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Merch?

Google Merch has two meanings 1. Google Merchandise 2. Google Merchant, but here we are talking about Google Merchandise store which is a shopping website for all the Google fans.

How do I get merchandise from Google?

To become merchandise from Google you have to create a Merchandise account at googlemerchandisestore.com and simply list your products.

Which type of shopping does Google Merchandise Store offer?

Google Merchandise store deals with a huge variety of shopping categories like Apparel, Lifestyle, Stationery, etc.

How to get Google Merchandise products?

Go to Googlemerchandisestore.com and create an account with Google sign-in and fill up your address, name, etc. to get the products delivered to you.

What did the Google Merchandise store stand for?

By seeing huge popularity in Google's fan base, Google has decided to launch a portal to sell the products with the Google name or logo appearing on each product.


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